Over the past three years, Mount Clear College has been transitioning from an iPad program to a laptop program. In 2019, we are at the stage where all students completing Years 7-11 are required to have a laptop computer that meets the College’ specifications.

The laptop program is designed to enable our students to thrive as global citizens, allowing them to:
• Learn anywhere, anytime
• Initiate their own learning
• Involve their family in their education through ready access to Compass and Learning Tasks
• Create media rich presentations and projects
• Instantly access information to enrich their learning
• Easily transfer their online school work from home to school and vice versa
• Keep in close contact with the school’s online portal for class changes, events and excursions, learning tasks and homework, as well as the College news feed

A stimulating and innovative learning environment is required to connect with today’s student and equip them for tomorrow’s world.

What are my options with obtaining a laptop?
The laptop must meet our minimum specifications. All laptops will be installed with a modified eduSTAR image, which includes up to date antivirus software and software tailored to suit the needs of junior school students. If a student brings an Apple product (MAC) as their device, they will need to ensure they have downloaded Office Suite (which is available for free via the College Office 365 portal) to match the software provided within the eduSTAR image. In addition to this there will be an option, which we strongly encourage, to have a parent administrator account on each device to enable parental control and monitoring.

Purchase a laptop outright through the school
Students have the option of purchasing a laptop through the school at a heavily discounted rate. Devices purchased through the school have the added bonuses of onsite maintenance by the Mount Clear College IT technicians, a 3 year onsite Warranty and 3 year Acer Accidental Damage Protection Insurance (1 Claim Per Year – $0 excess).

We encourage families to purchase a device through the College.
Not only have we accessed these laptops at an extremely discounted price due to the bulk order, but this also includes onsite technical support and accidental damage insurance.