New textbooks and stationery requirements are now available for purchase through Campion Education. All orders are to be placed through Campion Education via Campion Online Ordering Portal

AVID Binders
We have combined much of the needed stationery for our subjects into the AVID Binder system, so that we can also teach all students specific strategies to organise their notes and to revise for assessments (also recommended by Melbourne University).  As a result, there are less notebooks, etc. listed on the booklist. There is no need to purchase separate lecture pads or notebooks (except for VCE students who opt to utilise a different organisation system).  Everything students need is on the booklist.

Edrolo Access for VCE Students
VCE students received access to the Ed Rolo online learning resource during their Step Up weeks at the end of last year. Please note that payment for this is due by Friday, 4th February.  Information regarding subjects that use Ed Rolo and payment information is provided in the attached letter.

Please contact Nicole Quinney at [email protected] if you have any questions.