Junior School (7-9)

Years 7, 8 and 9 form the Junior School at Mount Clear College.

Whilst in the Junior School students undertake an engaging course of study that reflects the principles outlined in the Victorian Curriculum.

The program is designed to facilitate the transition from primary school to secondary school and to encourage the development of independent and engaged learners, empower students in their learning, develop school pride and increase student agency.

The Junior School Program focuses on:

  • working in a variety of classrooms and contexts to develop a broad range of abilities across the curriculum.
  • developing skills in literacy and numeracy that can be applied across the junior curriculum and in the later years of secondary schooling.
  • building students’ social and personal skills, with a focus on teamwork, resilience, reflection, communication and leadership.
  • the teaching of School Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPB), the development of a positive climate for learning and the forming of positive social connections with peers
Mount Clear College

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