Senior School (10-12)

Year 10

Year 10 students study subjects based on a core/elective system.

The core subjects covered are English, Maths, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and Technology. There are choices of electives within the Science, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Languages and Technology areas. Students can also choose three extra electives over the year from within the eight key learning areas, according to their interests and potential pathway.

Students who have a particular passion for a subject or who have identified their pathway to their desired future at the end of Year 9 may elect to “fast track” their course. The students can elect to either begin their VCE in Year 10 by selecting a Unit 1 and 2 subject, or begin their pathway to an Apprenticeship, Traineeship, or alternative TAFE course by selecting a VET subject.

Whilst undertaking Year 10, all students are encouraged to explore their post-school opportunities and to take advantage of both our work experience program and our Amazing Race Camp in Melbourne.

Year 10 Course Guide

Years 11 and 12

Our aim is for all students who leave our College to have gained either a VCE certificate or a VCAL certificate.

Year 11-12 Course Guide

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Students completing their VCE certificate are offered a diverse range of subjects across all key learning areas, including subjects which are prerequisites for university placements. If your child is unable to complete a subject at the school, they are supported to access Distance Education through the Virtual School or various languages through the Victorian School of Languages. Students are also offered the opportunity to select a VET subject either onsite at our College or through an external provider. Some universities may offer our more capable students the opportunity to study a first-year university subject whilst in Year 12.

Further information is available in the Mount Clear College VCE Course Guide.

Year 11-12 Course Guide

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

Students who are interested in transitioning to an Apprenticeship, Traineeship, TAFE studies or vocational employment may choose to complete VCAL, which is the ‘hands on’ alternative to the VCE. If your child chooses VCAL they will work towards a Foundation, Intermediate or Senior VCAL certificate, depending on their individual learning needs and abilities. Students typically complete their schoolwork over 3 contact days per week and spend the remaining two days outside the classroom on work placement and/or completing VET modules at school or off campus at TAFE.

Further information is available in the Mount Clear College VCE handbook

Year 11-12 Course Guide

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Our students are offered the opportunity to complete a VET certificate here at the school or through an outside provider. Certificates offered onsite at our College are Building and Construction, Hospitality and Music Performance. External providers offer a wide range of certificates including Sport and Recreation, Hairdressing, Engineering, Community Services, and many others.

Beyond academic achievement
The Senior School staff recognise that school is not just about attaining a certificate. Your child will be encouraged and supported to participate in the many extra-curricular activities organised throughout the school year. The school production, Music performances, Year 12 camp, school sport and leadership activities are just some of the many opportunities students may participate in. Both VCE and VCAL students, especially in their final year of schooling, are provided with a great deal of support from our Careers and Pathway staff and Wellbeing staff in making choices for post-secondary options.

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