Hands on Learning

An innovative education program

Hands on Learning is an innovative education program that supports the different ways young people learn.

Artisan-teachers work collaboratively with a small group of students one day per week on authentic projects that provide a platform for students to engage, grow confidence and achieve success at school.

Hands on Learning fosters strong, long term relationships that help young people develop the skills and abilities they need to succeed in the classroom, work, and life such as collaboration, problem solving, communication, resilience and empathy.

Mount Clear College - Hands On Learning

Built around Four Key Elements

  • A place to Belong: A physical sanctuary at school.
  • People to belong to: Small teams working together, sharing meals and building strong relationships.
  • Real things to do: Engaging in creative and meaningful projects.
  • A chance to give back: Making valuable contributions to their community, building self-esteem and connection.

Mount Clear College - Our Mission

The Program Outcomes

  • Increased self-esteem, motivation and confidence.
  • Increased knowledge of their individual skills and talents.
  • Strengthened links between HOL students, their school and the local community.
  • Increased resilience, self-management and co-operative group skills.
  • Increased awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are people saying about HoL?

“Hands on Learning is what keeps me at school.”
Hands on Learning student

“I think the biggest thing is knowing what you want to do and how to get there. That is what Hands on showed me.”
Angus Bigmore, 2021 Mount Clear College School Captain

“The confidence students have gained from Hands on Learning has significantly improved our classroom working environment.”
Classroom Teacher

“Hands on Learning is the only day its not a struggle to get my child to school.”
Parent of HoL student