Mental Health Practitioner

Our school is excited to be part of the Mental Health Practitioners initiative.

This initiative supports schools to have an onsite Mental Health Practitioner. The Mental Health Practitioner role provides an additional resource to the school’s Wellbeing Team and includes:

  • Contributing to whole-school approaches to mental health prevention and promotion
  • Provision of direct counselling support to students and other early intervention services
  • Coordination of supports for students with more complex needs

Our Mental Health Practitioner is onsite at least four days each week. Students and Parents/Guardians are advised to contact the SHAAC if they would like to discuss their suitability to engage with the service. Please note, referral and consent documentation will be required prior to service commencement

For more information on the Mental Health Practitioners initiative, please refer to the Department website.

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First Aid

Mount Clear College First Aid is staffed by a dedicated qualified First Aid Officer.

First Aid services is available to all students during school hours, to attend and respond to any illness or injury that may occur whilst at school.

The role of the First Aid Officer is to provide first aid and care to students, as well as assisting with the management of students who have complex heath care needs including anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy. The First Aid Officer is actively involved in collaboration with other College staff to develop and implement health care policies and guidelines across all aspects of College life.

Families who wish to discuss the health care needs of their young person should contact the First Aid Officer at Mount Clear College.

Doctors In Secondary Schools Clinic (DISS Clinic)

The Victorian Government has funded a General Practitioner (GP) to attend one day per week at Mount Clear College. The GP provides medical advice and health care to those students in need.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • make primary health care more accessible to students
  • provide assistance to young people to identify and address any health problems early
  • reduce the pressure on working parents.

Every student at Mount Clear College has access to the adolescent-health trained GP. There is no out-of-pocket expenses for student consultations with the GP.

Clinic Day
Every Wednesday excluding public and school holidays

Treating Doctor and support staff
General Practitioner– Doctor Karina Vila
Practice Nurse – Jennifer Morrison

How to make an appointment?

Appointments can be made by either students or their Parents/Carers, by contacting the SHAAC or speaking to the Practice Nurse on clinic days.

What is the cost?

All appointments are bulk billed through Medicare and incur no cost to students or their families.