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Mount Clear College - Meet Our Principal

Welcome to
Mount Clear College

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our College and encourage you to discover the vast opportunities within the Mount Clear College education experience.

Such opportunities are the result of a caring, dedicated, and talented team of staff who work closely together to support students to achieve their best, and who highly value the success of every individual.

Students are always placed at the centre of our decision making, ensuring a strong focus on the holistic development of each child through rich academic, extracurricular, and student development programs. This allows us to support our students to develop the skills and learning confidence necessary to achieve their full potential, the pathway to their desired future, and importantly to have fun along the way.

At Mount Clear College we are proud of our reputation as a being welcoming, caring, and committed to high academic outcomes and strong wellbeing for all students. We know that our college is an outstanding school and endeavour to ensure that all students have a happy and successful time at Mount Clear College, whilst learning the value and reward of striving for individual excellence.

Lynita Taylor,

Mount Clear College

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