The Student Health, Advocacy, Advisory Centre

Enhancing the resilience of young people

Mount Clear College places a strong emphasis on the overall wellbeing of our students and has a dedicated non-teaching Student Wellbeing team, under the guidance of our Student Services Coordinator.

The Student Wellbeing Team works closely with our the Principal and Assistant Principals and all teaching and support staff within the College in supporting students and families with diverse issues that may arise during the adolescent years. The Wellbeing Team have developed close relationships with key networks and external support services to ensure a collaborative approach in supporting the wellbeing needs of students.

As a school, our focus is on primary prevention and early intervention as the most effective means of enhancing the resilience of young people. Evidence-based programs are facilitated for all students so that they may develop skills and strategies to best manage the various challenges in life.

If you wish to discuss the wellbeing needs of your young person, we encourage you to make contact with the Student Wellbeing Team (The SHAAC).

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