School Uniform

Designed for student comfort, easy care and elegance

Mount Clear College has recently introduced a new uniform to be introduced at the beginning of 2022.

As part of our rebranding, the College had an opportunity to undertake a thorough review of our long-standing uniform. In consultation with our School Council, Student Leadership Team and school community; it was determined that a new uniform design was required. This has generated a great deal of excitement within the community.

Our underlying objective for the uniform remodel was to consider broad feedback from Students, Staff and the College community; whilst focusing on quality, comfort, consistency and affordability.

As always, we endeavour to support local business and have secured a local retailer following a rigorous tender process. A partnership has been established with PSW School Uniforms to design, produce and sell our uniform exclusively for the next three years. We congratulate and thank PSW for their genuine care, assistance, and attention to detail, ensuring we have a uniform that we can be extremely proud of. We have no doubt PSW will provide an outstanding ongoing service.

We are looking forward to launching the PSW Online Store in December to assist families in purchasing the uniform for the commencement of the school year in 2022. PSW instore retailing will be available in January 2022 – exact dates will be communicated to families in the near future.

Mount Clear College - Uniform