Engagement & Wellbeing

We pride ourselves in providing an inclusive educational experience for all students.

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Mount Clear College - Engagement & Wellbeing

Our Approach

Mount Clear College believes everyone in our community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally. We know that changes in attitudes and behaviours can be achieved when positive attitudes, behaviours and equality are embedded in our education settings.

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Resilience Project - Mount Clear College

Resilience Project

Delivering emotionally engaging programs and providing evidence-based, practical wellbeing strategies to build resilience.

Our Partnership Program consists of online presentations and weekly lessons for students, professional development for staff, and Parent & Carer Hub (inc. digital presentations) for our parent and carer community.

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Mount Clear College - Inclusion Support

Inclusion Support

Mount Clear College prides itself in providing an inclusive educational experience for all students. Our focus is on developing the whole person and helping them grow emotionally, socially and academically. The Inclusion Support Team (comprising selected teachers and a number of highly trained, experienced Educational Support staff) have a key role in promoting this.

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Mount Clear College - Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety

Mount Clear College is an accredited eSmart School, gaining this accreditation after adopting a range of whole-school practises to improve cyber safety and prevent bullying. Developed by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, the eSmart framework guides schools to create a positive culture where the smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology is a cultural norm.

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Mount Clear College - School Wide Positive Behaviours

Positive Behaviours

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) is a framework that brings together school communities to develop positive, safe, supportive learning cultures. SWPBS assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people.

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