Careers at Mount Clear College

Preparing our students for a range of career opportunities

Our Careers support is delivered by qualified Career Practitioners and provides an accessible resource at Mount Clear College for our students and their families.

Mount Clear College prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities, including pathways into universities, TAFE, apprenticeships and employment. Students can access personalised help, from subject selection to pathway options and explore a diverse range of possibilities.

Our aim is to provide each student with the latest information to assist make decisions about their future career and life beyond school.

As active members of the Ballarat Careers Education Network, we stay up to date with the latest information. Our students and families have easy access to our extensive resources available on our College Careers website or via the Mount Clear College Careers Facebook page.

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Developing quality career education

Mount Clear College uses the careers curriculum framework to help develop quality career education.

To discuss future pathways, please contact the Careers Pathways and Transition Coordinator at Mount Clear College.

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Work Experience

The world of work is constantly and rapidly changing. Work experience provides students with the opportunity to enhance their awareness and understanding, and to build their portfolio of skills

Work experience is the short-term placement of secondary school students, who are aged 15 years and over, with employers to provide insights into the industry and the workplace in which they are located. It provides students with the valuable opportunity to:

  • Develop employability skills
  • Explore possible career options
  • Understand employer expectations
  • Increase their self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence.

Students are placed with employers primarily to observe and learn — not to undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise.

Benefits of Work Experience

Work experience contributes to better informed careers, course and pathways options for young people. Benefits for students are:

  • Better understanding of the work environment and what employers expect of their workers.
  • An opportunity to explore possible career options.
  • Increased self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence.
  • Increased motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training.
  • Better understanding of how the school curriculum can help prepare young people for work.

Structured Workplace Learning

Structured workplace learning provides students with the opportunity to integrate on-the-job experience with secondary study.

Mount Clear College remains committed to assisting students to undertake work experience and structured workplace learning. We acknowledge the important role work experience plays in career planning and course and subject selection, and also for completing course outcomes.

Mount Clear College - Careers

It is delivered as part of either the VCE, VCAL, VET course or VCAL units

It provides:

  • Enhanced skill development
  • Practical application of industry knowledge
  • Assessment of units of competency
  • Achievement of some learning outcomes for VCE studies or VCAL units
  • Enhanced employment opportunities.

Important Information

Students interested in completing work experience or who are required to undertake Structured Workplace Learning must complete all required paperwork and have formal approval from the College Principal.

The College accepts no responsibility for students who undertake work placement without the completion of the appropriate legal paperwork and formal approval by the College Principal, prior to the commencement of the placement.

All work experience and structured workplace learning documentation can be accessed at the College