Aspire Program

Nurturing the learning and development of students who are of high-ability in various areas of their schooling.

The Aspire Program

our evolved SEAL Program

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What is Aspire?

Aspire is our new select entry enrichment program that nurtures students’ academic and personal development.

This program targets students with high aspirations, who actively endeavour to meet challenging learning goals. Aspire students consistently aim for their personal best. These students learn through engaging in a challenging curriculum which is designed to respond to their abilities, interests and needs.

Aspire aims to develop lifelong learners who are enthusiastic, adaptable, creative, collaborative, self-motivated and resilient.

How does the Aspire Program work?

The Aspire program provides a stimulating, enriched curriculum where students will learn with like-minded peers whilst being extended across the eight key learning domains of the Victorian Curriculum.

Undertaking the Compass Award will be a key aspect of the program. This Award was created to enhance young people’s personal development, foster positive attitudes towards learning and promote engagement and interaction with the community. In Year 7 students complete Level 3 of the Compass Award and progress to Level 4 in Year 8.

Applying for Aspire

Selection into the Aspire class is by a written application completed by a parent, teacher and student and a written assessment by Edutest.

Students and their parents/guardians/teachers will be required to submit the written application, via a Microsoft Forms link, to complete their application.   Links to the application forms and registration link are below.

Student acceptance into the program is dependent on assessment results and submission of all three sections of the application.


If you have any queries, please contact our Aspire Program Coordinator, Tanya Millen via [email protected]