Support Services

Onsite support services

Mount Clear College acknowledges the diverse needs of students across the College.

Onsite services are delivered to enhance and support the overall health and wellbeing of all students. Students who are healthy and have health care needs supported, are better able to engage in learning and achieve individual excellence.

Mount Clear College - Support Services


The Student Health, Advocacy, Advisory Centre at Mount Clear College places a strong emphasis on the overall wellbeing of our students and has a dedicated non-teaching Student Wellbeing team, under the guidance of our Student Services Coordinator.

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Mount Clear College - Careers


Mount Clear College prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities, including pathways into universities, TAFE, apprenticeships and employment. Students can access personalised help, from subject selection to pathway options and explore a diverse range of possibilities.

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Mount Clear College - School Wide Positive Behaviours

Student Health

Our school is excited to be part of the Mental Health Practitioners initiative. This initiative supports schools to have an onsite Mental Health Practitioner. The Mental Health Practitioner role provides an additional resource to the school’s Wellbeing Team.

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