Our Team

2024 Executive Leadership Team

To successfully prepare our students for the future and equip them with the knowledge, skills and attributes to thrive, Mount Clear College knew we needed a team that was diverse, knowledgeable and passionate.

Acting Principal

Jenny Bromley

Assistant Principal
Junior School

Mathew Jones

Assistant Principal
Senior School

Daniel Hardy

Assistant Principal
Student Learning

Nicole Quinney

Assistant Principal
Operations & Alternate Programs

David Stuchbery

Pathways/Inclusive Education/Wellbeing Coordinator

Fionna Wooller

Business Manager

Julie Dodgshun

2024 Achievement & Engagement Team

Year 7 Assistant Principal
Excellence in Learning & Inclusive Education

Tanya Millen

Year 8 Assistant Principal

Donna Phillips

Year 10 Assistant Principal

Ben Hobbs

Leading Teacher
Curriculum & Innovations

Jess Meyer