Students have the option of purchasing a laptop through the school at a heavily discounted rate. Devices purchased through the school have the added bonuses of onsite maintenance by the Mount Clear College IT technicians, a 3 year onsite Warranty and 3 year Accidental Damage Protection Insurance.

We appreciate that some families may already have a laptop and that they may wish to avoid buying a new one. If this is the case, please contact the College to speak with our Information Technology Manager, Mile Nasteski. If you need to purchase a new laptop it is preferred that you purchase the school device for the following reasons:

  • We have been able to source this laptop at a heavily discounted price
  • The device will be pre imaged with our custom operating system
  • We provide onsite technical support
  • It comes with insurance and we log all your insurance and warranty claims
  • We provide a hot swap device while your school purchased device is being repaired

While we make every attempt to support a device that has not been purchased through the school, we are unable to support any hardware issues which may void a warranty. Furthermore, if an externally purchased laptop requires repairs, we are unable provide a short term loan replacement device. Any device that is not purchased through the school must be approved by the IT Manager before the school year commences – please contact the College Front Office.

2021 Devices
There are two device options for 2021:

  • Device 1 is our standard device which meets the ICT needs of students in general subjects.
  • Device 2 is a higher specification device with a larger screen and that is suitable for students who anticipate following a media/graphics pathway.