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2022 Mentor Interviews

On Monday July 11th we are holding our 2022 Mentor Interviews. Families are encouraged to make an appointment with their child’s Mentor teacher via Compass. There are no timetabled classes on Monday and interviews can be booked with the appropriate Mentor teacher through Compass. Interviews run from 11am to 5:45 pm and are scheduled for 15 minutes each.

If you have difficulty in making an appointment you can call the College on 5330 1500 on Monday July 11th. to receive assistance

If you wish to receive your interview virtually, please contact your mentor teacher via your child’s Microsoft Teams account and let them know that you wish to conduct the interview online at your scheduled time.

Information on how to book an interview can be found below.

Book Interview

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Using Compass you can book your parent-teacher conferences online.

1. On the home screen, beside the student you wish to make bookings for, click ‘Book Parent Student Teacher Conference’.

2. A list of parent-teacher conference cycles will be displayed along with their booking status. Click on the relevant cycle.

3. Your booking sheet will be displayed and will show your available booking times. Click on a time in the grid to display teachers available for booking at that time.

Parent-Teacher Conferences – app

  1. From the Compass home screen on your app, select the menu (top left) and click Conferences.
  2. From the list of parent-teacher conference cycles
      • Select the relevant cycle you wish to book for
      • Select the student you wish to place a booking for
      • Select the class or interview group
      • Click on a time slot to make a booking and confirm