03rd Mar 2022  |  News

Ballarat Police Party Safe Reminder

Ballarat Police are concerned with the recent large gathering of young people at Victoria Park last weekend and the potential dangers for young people should future events occur.

It appears the gathering was organised via social media and shared widely which resulted in hundreds of young people attending.

What resulted was the gathering getting out of control with fights occurring, binge drinking and damage to property resulting in police attending. Several arrests were made, and further enquiries are still ongoing.

Police would like parents to be aware of any parties or gatherings their young people may be attending and ask themselves if the event is safe or not. Is the event being held at a private house or a public reserve? Is there likely to be adults in attendance? Is it likely that alcohol will be available? Is your child openly talking about the event or are they evasive with the details? Do they have a safety plan in place of who to call if things go wrong and the party is no longer safe? Are you available to pick them up at short notice?

Police have no issue when young people attend parties if they are safe, but when there is a very real risk to persons or property, the event is no longer a safe social gathering. Let’s all do our bit to keep our young people safe.

If parents have any concerns about a party or gathering their young person is planning to attend, they can contact Ballarat Police on 53366000, Ballarat Eyewatch Facebook page, or the Police Assistance Line on 131 444.

Victoria Police also run the Partysafe Register which allows parents to register a party they are hosting. You can register a party via the Service Victoria App, Police Assistance Line or by attending at your local police station. https://www.police.vic.gov.au/party-safe