What is the Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program?

Victorian Government secondary schools have been operating specific programs for gifted students at authorised schools since 1980. These schools belong to The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) – a collective of like-minded schools who strongly value Gifted Education in Victorian Government secondary schools.


TAASS was established to oversee the development of gifted students academically, socially and emotionally and member schools meet regularly to share and learn from each other’s experiences of their gifted education programs. TAASS schools offer their teaching staff an extensive professional development program in Gifted Education and through their networks, are able to source outstanding educators for their programs. Further information about TAASS can be viewed at: https://www.sealacademy.org.au/


The SEAL Program at Mount Clear College

Our College offers a range of opportunities for our gifted and talented students and our SEAL program is just one of these.


Our program has been developed to challenge and address the learning needs of students who demonstrate above average ability, commitment to their learning and high levels of achievement. Through the combination of a specially designed curriculum, support from our experienced teachers and a culture of high expectations, students are nurtured, challenged and motivated towards attaining their optimal level of academic engagement and achievement.


The SEAL Program curriculum spans each subject area. Students are encouraged to develop their subject specific knowledge as well as their independent learning skills and advanced thinking and problem-solving skills.  SEAL Program students enjoy the opportunity to work within a class of similarly engaged peers and many students particularly enjoy the social interaction with like-minded scholars.  In addition to their specialised classwork, SEAL Program students are encouraged to actively engage in the various extra-curricular opportunities available at our College, such as leadership, music and theatre events sporting activities and community-based projects.


Structure, Program and Pathways

Students enter the SEAL program from Year 7. They remain with their core SEAL home group through to Year 9 and complete a differentiated curriculum. In Year 10 students have the opportunity to select and participate in individualised learning pathways enabling them to complete a combination of Year 10 and VCE subjects.  In their final two years of school, students continue their individualised pathways drawing from a wide range of VCE subjects and may enrol in university subjects as part of an accelerated program.


How do I know if my child is a suitable SEAL Program candidate?

Compared to other children your child’s age, does your child:

  • Have an excellent memory?
  • Reason well?
  • Learn rapidly?
  • Have highly developed curiosity and persevere in their interests?
  • Have a keen sense of humour?
  • Have a comprehensive and wide-ranging vocabulary
  • Enjoy solving problems?
  • Read avidly?
  • Have a strong sense of justice?


These are just some of the characteristics of the highly able child. If you think your child fits most of these criteria, then the SEAL Program may be an educational option for your child.


How to apply for placement in Mount Clear College’s SEAL program

  • Complete the Application Form and lodge this document with Mount Clear College
  • Register and pay ($82.50 fee) for the academic testing that provides an independent assessment of the student’s scholastic aptitude. This testing is conducted through Edutest and will take place in May 2021. To register and pay, visit: https://aus.edutest.com.au/D/?t=6L31MBC2

Payment is made at the end of this registration process online. If payment is not made, your registration WILL NOT be valid.


Selection for the Program

Final selection into the SEAL program will be based upon:

  • Information provided within the Application Form
  • School reports and other relevant information from the student’s primary school
  • Academic testing
  • Passion Project presentation and Interview

This combined information is used to select students who will thrive in the program.

Important Dates for prospective 2022 Students

Virtual Information Evening 17 March, 2021 at 6.00pm
Closing date for completed Application Form to be lodged with  Mount Clear College 26 April, 2021
Edutest Registration & payment closing date 30 April, 2021
Edutest Testing Day 7 May, 2021
Passion presentations Applicants will be notified of dates and times.



Further Information

For further information about the SEAL Program, please contact Ms Tanya Millen, our Innovation and Excellence Learning Specialist, via email: [email protected] or telephone: 5330 1500.