Outreach Class in Forest Primary School

On December 2015, MCC Confucius Classroom teachers went to Forest Primary School for out-reach classes. In the classes, we made the traditional costume “Qipao” with newspaper.

The students, ranging from Year 1 to Year 4, had shown great creativity in making the costume. After every group finished their work, we enjoyed the fashion show given by the models from each group.

The students got to know about the traditional Chinese costume through the class. It’s a good chance for them to develop the ability to make thing with hands and creativity as well.


Chinese New Year Celebration

On 11th February 2016, the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) Celebration went on successfully at the MCC Language Center.

The Chinese Australian Cultural Society Ballarat brought the splendid lion dance. Some teachers and students performed the traditional costume show, Chinese songs and ethnic dance. In addition, we provided several Chinese cultural forms for visitors to take part in, including Chinese food tasting, paper cutting, calligraphy and Chinese massage.

More than a hundred of visitors were present, including MCC staff and students, Korean students on their visiting trip, homestay families and other residents from local communities.

People who were there said the celebration was very impressive. Spring Festival is the most important day for all the Chinese around the world. We’ll do this again next year.


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Immersion Day for Delacombe Primary School

On the 22th March 2016, year 5 and 6 students from Delacombe Primary School came to Mount Clear College language centre for the immersion camp.

The 67 students were divided into 4 groups. Each group took turns to join in the activities, including cooking Chinese food, making bracelets, Taichi boxing and traditional games. At the end of the camp, some excellent students got prize for good behavior.

The immersion camp provided a circumstance for the students to be immersed in the Chinese language and culture.

Delecombe Immersion Day

Outreach Class in Mount Pleasant Primary School – Day 1

On the 15th and 16th of March, the Confucius classroom teachers went to the Mount Pleasant Primary School to teach Taichi fan.

The students were highly inspired by the Taichi fan video and the movie Kungfu Panda. With the Chinese Kungfu music, the students learnt several typical movements. We enjoyed the group Taichi fan show at the end of the classes.

Outreach Class in Mount Pleasant Primary School – Day 2

On 23th March 2016, the Confucius classroom teachers went to the Mount Pleasant Primary School to have out-reach classes.

Miss Chunli Yang gave a brief presentation about the students’ life in China, such as routine classes, school meals, entertainment, etc.

Miss Meng Chen did some Chinese paper cutting with the students. With amazing creativity, the students made some amazing works.

Immersion Day for Phoenix Community College – Day 1

On the 8th of May, the Year 7students of Phoenix Community College came to Mount Clear College language centre to have an Immersion Day.

During this day, the two Chinese teacher planed four activities for them: Chinese ink blown painting, Taichi boxing, making dumplings and Chinese paper cutting.

All the students got involved in the activities very well. They showed great interest in the Chinese culture and Chinese language. In the ink blown painting class, the students created wonderful works full of imagination. During the Taiji class, the students leant a few movements, and later put all the movements together. They made and ate all the dumplings, they also tried the Chinese paper cutting very happily.

Phoenix Immersion Day

Immersion Day for Phoenix Community College – Day 2

On the 11th of May, the Phoenix Community School students came to the language centre to have another Immersion Day. But this time, it’s about 44 students from Year 7&8.

This Immersion Day lasted half a day, divided into two activities: one was making dumplings, the other one was taichi fan. In the taichi fan class, the teacher showed them the beauty of the Chinese kungfu combined with the fans. During the Chinese dumplings cooking class, the teacher fried the dumplings instead of boiling the dumplings, which gave the students a new flavor and they loved it.

Although it’s just half a day, but the students experienced new things, which could give them the motivation to learn Chinese culture and Chinese language better and better.

Phoenix Immersion day 2