Mountain Biking at MCC

Mount Clear College (MCC) is proud to be awarded the title of an Exemplary MTB School by Mountain Biking Australia (MTBA) after a successful application was made at the start of 2018.  MCC is in the very fortunate position of bordering the Wookwookarung Regional Park that contains two formal green trails created by Ballarat Sebastopol Cycling Club. With the school owning its own fleet of 25 Specialized MTB’s provided with financial assistance by Goves Cycles we are able to access trails in only a couple of minutes. The College provides both bikes and helmets for all participating students at no cost.

Student Benefits

MCC believes that MTB provides students a great opportunity to be physically active in a natural environment, which has both physical and mental health benefits while also linking them to the environment and the care of it. As a very challenging activity MCC also believes that MTB promotes and creates resilience, personal growth and important character strengths in our students.


MTB is offered at MCC as both a sport and a subject in the HAPE Key Learning Area. Students have the opportunity to study MTB as subject in both year 9 and 10 with a focus on skill acquisition, energy systems, training principles, safety and first aid. Students also have the opportunity to participate in MTB in year 9 & 10 Outdoor & Environment with a focus on activities in the environment. More detailed course information can be found in year level course handbooks.


MTB runs currently as an after-school sport in Terms 1 and 4.  During Term 1 students participate in skills sessions that run for an hour conducted by a Level 1 MTB Instructor. In Term 4 students participate in weekly races in the Ballarat Associated Schools competition, coordinated by MCC.  This runs in an XC Enduro format where students complete as many laps as possible in a set amount of time according to their age group.