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Whole School Literacy Approach

Mount Clear College is committed to improving student literacy.  The College has prioritised literacy learning time with the junior school timetable having above recommended numbers of English sessions per week. We have adopted an approach to teaching writing skills to our students which is seeing outstanding results. Mount Clear College students’ growth in writing skills during the Year 7 to Year 9 time period is occurring at a rate above the state level.

This approach is now being adopted across all Key Learning Areas (KLA) as one of our whole school approaches to literacy.

Literacy Support Program

We also recognise that some students require extra assistance in the development of their literacy skills.  As such, we offer intervention programs in a smaller group setting that are intended to build literacy capacity.  Here, students are provided tasks specifically designed to develop their basic literacy skills and these are then developed further on return to the classroom.


Whole School Numeracy Approach

All students have the opportunity to succeed in numeracy at Mount Clear College.  Teachers work collaboratively in year level teams to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of every individual student.  Our aim is for all who attend the College to be numerate and able to perform tasks that require numeracy understanding, not only in the classroom but also in the broader community.

Students are encouraged to focus on their individual growth in numeracy skills rather than comparing results with fellow classmates. With increased confidence and increased engagement in their own success we are seeing Mount Clear College students’ growth in numeracy skills during the Year 7 to Year 9 time period occurring at a rate above the state level.

Numeracy Support Program

Our QuickSmart Numeracy program provides highly targeted and personalised support to students needing extra assistance in the development of their numeracy skills. Students participating in the program attend twice a week and work with one of our highly trained numeracy tutors. The program aims to: improve the speed and accuracy with which students use basic maths, address any gaps in student knowledge/understanding and develop problem solving strategies.