International Students

Mount Clear College welcome students from all over the world.  We believe in the potential of education to form bonds of friendship across the world. International students enrich the diverse cultural mix at the College. We value the role played by our International Students in the day to day life of our school through their pursuit of excellence in academic achievement, in the Arts, Leadership and in other cultural pursuits.

Our International Students thrive in an environment that encourages academic success as well as the development of the whole person; we aim to produce well-rounded young adults. International Students have a record of outstanding academic achievement at our College.

We offer our International Students strong welfare support, a broad and challenging curriculum, Beyond Classrooms activities and services in a safe and secure environment to ensure that they have a rewarding and memorable experience

The College has an excellent team of caring professionals who look after the needs of our International Students.  Our homestay families are an integral part of the care we provide. Our caring and experienced coordinators lead a team of teachers who guide, educate and encourage our students to settle into their new school and achieve their goals. Students are monitored and supported throughout their time at Mount Clear College and parents are regularly informed of their child’s progress and wellbeing.

Our international students go on to tertiary studies after they finish the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) studies at Mount Clear College.   The University of Melbourne, Monash University and Australian National University are popular tertiary destinations for our students.   In 2015 two of our students were awarded Victorian International Student of the Year awards with one student being named the overall ambassador for International Students in Victoria, the highest honour an international student can achieve.

Victorian Government Schools International Student Program Website

Onsite English Language Program

We have our own on-campus ELC which allows students to study English intensively within the school and eases their transition into mainstream classes. In addition, having our own onsite English Language Program allows us to better cater for their welfare and academic needs and ensures a smoother transition into mainstream classes. A team of staff support the development of each student, preparing them to go into mainstream classes. Students also study with local students in a range of studies such as: Mathematics, Science, Art, Physical Education and Music. This means that they also mix with local student’s in their elective classes. Our students also have the opportunity to study VCE Chinese. Students take the language study a year ahead, so Year 11 International students will enrol in Year 12 Chinese. This provides an opportunity for them to complete six Year 12 studies, instead of the usual five for their university entrance score.

Counselling for Courses & Careers

All International Students receive individual counselling when selecting courses. Students can choose from an extremely wide range of subjects. When they are applying for university they are given the same personal counselling and all necessary assistance in completing documentation.

Beyond Classroom Activities 

To help ensure they enjoy their school experience International Students are encouraged to participate in camps, excursions, sport, drama and other activities. Special events are organised, with their teachers, for the International Students including lunches and dinners to celebrate significant dates in the calendar. Holiday activities are organised.


All students stay with English speaking homestay families. All homestay families who provide accommodation to Mount Clear College International Students have been thoroughly screened and briefed to meet the standard of accommodation provision stipulated by the Department of Education and Training.  The families provide a supportive environment where students feel safe and welcome. Homestay families are carefully chosen to ensure that the student has the best possible experience of life in Australia. They provide practical and emotional advice to the students.  Student homestay families are visited twice a year by our home stay coordinator.

Hosting an international student ….can give your family an international experience to remember forever.

Providing remunerated accommodation to an international student at Mount Clear College can give you and your family many opportunities, including the chance to learn firsthand about another culture and build international friendship networks.

The students are aged between 15  and 18 years and are part of the International Student Program offered by the Department of Education and Training.

To apply to host an international student, please contact our Homestay Coordinator.