The Compass Award is the ‘opening act’ for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is designed to enhance development of the individual child and is targeted at students aged 10-14 years old. These students choose their own challenging activities, which are interesting, exciting and heaps of fun!

At Mount Clear College, we conduct the level three award at year 7 and the level four award at year 8.

The Compass Award fosters positive attitudes towards learning while complementing the curriculum. The Compass Award also builds an environment for positive engagement and interaction between the student, staff and family members. Participants undertaking the Compass Award are given opportunities to try new things and learn new skills. In the process, they develop initiative and commitment, becoming more responsible, resilient and motivated young people.  

The award looks great on:

  • Resumes
  • Job applications
  • Scholarship application
  • University applications

For more information about commencing The Compass Award visit or, contact the Award Coordinator, Mat Knights for more information

[email protected]