The Resilience Project is the key wellbeing program at Mount Clear College. The program is evidence based founded by Hugh VanCuylenburg. The program focuses on equipping students with the skills and knowledge to be healthy, happy resilient young people.

  • Our curriculum resources provide teachers and students with practical strategies to promote positive mental health. The lessons focus on Character strengths for the first lessons, then rotate through the themes of Empathy, Gratitude, Mindfulness and Emotional Literacy using film, books, stories, drama and activities to engage students.
  • The lessons have been designed for teachers by an experienced team of Primary and Secondary school teachers, and are easy to read and deliver. The student journals work in conjunction with the teacher resources, and provide students with an opportunity to practice the techniques and strategies and reflect on their learning.
  • All lessons are linked to the Australian Curriculum.
  • All students in years 7-9 focus on the Resilience Project curriculum during a 40minute mentor class each week.